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191002, Saint-Petersburg, ulitsa Lomonosova, 3
Privates: 1400 rub.
191023, Saint-Petersburg, Griboedov channel, 19
Privates: 850 rub.
191002, Saint-Petersburg, ulitsa Lomonosova, 3
Privates: 1400 rub.
191023, Saint-Petersburg, Bankovsky pereulok, 3
Dorms: 400 rub.
Privates: 1200 rub.
191119, St Petersburg, ulitsa Dostoevskogo, 36
Dorms: 300 rub.
Privates: 1200 rub.
191002, St Petersburg, nab. reki Fontanki, 59
Privates: 650 rub.
191014, Saint-Petersurg, Liteiny prospect, 61, 2nd floor, appt.7
Dorms: 350 rub.
Privates: 1400 rub.
191025, Saint-Petersurg, Nevsky prospect, 106, 5th floor, appt.7
Dorms: 400 rub.
Privates: 1400 rub.
191007, St Petersburg, Griboedov channel emb., 60
191025, St Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt, 112.

Friends on Vosstaniya

St Petersburg, Vosstaniya street, 11


tel.: +7 812 702-7711 (daily, 09:00-21:00)
e-mail: booking@friendsplace.ru
skype: friends-booking

Contacts of the hostel:

191014, St Petersburg, Vosstaniya street, 11
tel.: +7 812 401 6155
fax: +7 812 401 6154
e-mail: v11@friendsplace.ru
skype: friends_v11


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Reviews and ratings for hotel Friends on Vosstaniya

On this page, you can find out what guests who have stayed with us in the past have to say about the Friends hotels and hostels. Incidentally, we never edit any of the feedback – it appears on the site ‘as it is’, so this is where to come if you want the whole picture, warts and all! Everyone who stays at Friends is sent an email after their visit, inviting them to leave feedback. It is up to each individual guest to decide whether to praise or criticize us. We’d be delighted to see your feedback on the site one day too – and all you need to do is stay at Friends!


One more thing. On rare occasions, the feedback contains criticisms of our staff, such as: “the person at reception didn’t even turn to look at us.” Our job may not always be easy, but offering our guests a warm welcome and a smile is an absolute must. If you ever feel that the staff are being negligent or, worse still, treating you unpleasantly, and you feel awkward about putting this in your feedback, please make your feelings known by using the ‘Send a Letter to the Director’ feedback form. This will help us to improve our service.

04 сен 2015
Keith Plute (Review from the site)

I stay at Friends on Vosstaniya on July 2, 2015 to July 13, 2015 and I had a great stay. Stay was very friendly and helpful. The location is great and in a safe area. The place is located right off of the main street of Saint Petersburg center and right near metro station but everything is within walking distance so no need to use metro. There are also two shopping malls near by and a lot of restaurants, cafes, grocery store, bars and clubs all within walking distance. The room was clean and just as it was described. Friends Place on Vosstaniya had everything I need and the value to stay there is also great. I enjoyed my stay at Friends place on Vosstaniya and I definitely will be staying at Friends place on Vosstaniya when I return to Saint Petersburg.

I liked the location and the value for the location. Staff was helpful and the room was clean. I also liked the house cleaning staff that made sure the trash was taken care of and the bed sheets were changed.

I have no complaints

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