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Services we offer at Friends

Free internet access

We provide free Wi-Fi access for our guests, accessible at any place and time in the hotel. In addition to the Wi-Fi service, some of our hotels and hostels have guest computers from which you can go online to, for example, check email or read messages on social networks.

"That particular room"

If you want to stay in the exact same room that you may have liked from the last visit, for example because of the beautiful view from the window – this is possible. It costs 500 rubles for booking rooms without amenities and 1000 rubles for booking rooms with bathroom facilities, regardless of the season.


You are in St. Petersburg for the first time and do not know what to see? Contact our administrators! We made a special selection of walking, water and bus excursions in St. Petersburg and its suburbs from the best travel companies of the city.

Guided tour advice

Our receptionists will gladly help you choose the perfect tour for the time you are in town and your budget. We have a selection of the best tours in St. Petersburg. Also, we can recommend a free tour, you can get to their website by clicking on the banner on our website. 

Storage of valuables in safe at reception

Money, documents, equipment, and other valuable things can always be deposited in our safe. This way, your vacation will not be overshadowed by concerns about the safety of valuables! In addition, in the dorm rooms each guest has a separate locker.

Wake-up service

You don’t have to miss any excursion, meeting, plane or train! Our administrators will wake you up, even at the earliest hour - just ask!


It is not necessary to go shopping to bring something interesting and original in memory of the Northern capital as a gift. You can get several interesting and colorful souvenirs right at the reception of your hotel. 

Board games

It’s never boring in our living rooms! If the weather outside is frightful and you hate going out in the snow, you can always play chess, checkers, backgammon and other board games. The board games are available in our hostels, not in our (mini-)hotels.

Washing machines, ironing and hairdryers

If you want to to look your best, it is possible to wash things in washing machines in our hotels and hostels for a small fee. You can use an iron and ironing board for free. Bathrooms in most hotel rooms are equipped with hairdryers, and if you live in a hostel, you can take a hairdryer from the reception desk.

Drinking water and kitchen

We have installed drinking water filters in all hotels and hostels of our network. In the shared kitchens of hotels, as a rule, there are microwaves to warm up food, a refrigerator to store your food and all the necessary utensils.

Slippers and earplugs

For a small fee, you can always buy a pair of slippers at the reception desk. If one of your neighbors has "noisy" sleeping habits, contact the reception desk and we will give you earplugs.

Lost items

All possessions that you leave behind in the hotels and hostels of Friends will go to our Lost and Found Office. Just do not forget to ask for a lost object within 90 days after the loss!

Bike rental

Our guests can rent bikes from us at very reasonable rates. This is a great way to explore Petersburg without getting tired too soon. Our staff will gladly show you the best routes for bikes on a map. Read more

Visa support

Want to invite a friend or girlfriend from abroad, but the obstacle is the lack of a visa? Friends will help! Our visa department managers will issue an invitation for a Russian tourist visa and answer all the "tricky questions”!

Ordering a taxi

All our hotels and hostels are located in the central part of the city and guests of Friends can usually walk or use public transport to get to their destinations during their stay in St. Petersburg. However, if for example you need to get to the airport or to the train station quickly, our administrators will help you by ordering a taxi from a company with a proven service and affordable prices.


Generally, everything foreign visitors have heard about danger in Russia has been hugely exaggerated, but nevertheless, we take the safety of our guests very seriously. Read more.